Please see below for Send United Guidance and Rules relating to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic and the actions we ALL must take in order to safeguard our players, families and volunteers.

The launch of the NHS ‘Track and Trace’ app affects SUFC and every time you attend the venue. IF … you are staying to watch training or a match or even involved in the organisation you MUST SCAN IN on the QR codes at the designated pitch or grounds. This applies to both home and away venues. The SUFC coaches will point you in the direction of the QR code but it is your responsibility to check in. Can I take this opportunity to also remind you all of your responsibilities to read the health screening below and check you and your families for signs and symptoms. If in doubt, do not attend. For more information of the NHS Track and Trace app you can find it here

September 2020


Before any football activity, players, parents and managers must be briefed and given the latest guidance and updates in relation to COVID19.

What do I need to do?

Everyone should self-assess for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before attending a match or training session and, if showing any signs, do not attend, inform the club, self-isolate and inform the NHS by ringing 119

If you are or a member of your household are isolating, do not attend any training or training match.

Possible symptoms:

  • Fever or high temperature (eg 37.8C or 100.04F)
  • New or continuous cough?
  • Suffering a loss of taste or smell?
  • A shortness of breath during exercise or at rest?
  • Headaches, feeling generally unwell or suffering persistent tiredness/fatigue muscle and joint pains?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, inform the club, isolate, inform the NHS and follow the advice from them. DO NOT ATTEND ANY TRAINING SESSIONS OR MATCHES

Upon arrival, players will be required to undergo health screening including a temperature check. They will then be asked to thoroughly wash hands and use a sanitiser prior to starting the activity.

If you are fit and healthy you must still socially distance when not actively participating in the sporting activity. Even then you must retreat to be socially distanced as soon as practicable.


Managers, players (inc substitutes) and parents etc are expected to keep 2 metres apart at all times where possible. A minimum of 1 metre where it is not possible.

  • Distancing must take place before, after and during any breaks in play.
  • Players and MUST wash and sanitise their hands before and after the game, as well as any suitable breaks in play during the game. That means washing hands for no less than 20 seconds before and after exercise and sanitise at any suitable breaks in play.
  • Ball handling must be kept to minimum and the ball cleaned/disinfected during breaks in play.
  • Ball out of play / throw ins – A clean ball should always be used at every opportunity where appropriate and the old ball cleaned/disinfected before being made available to be reused.
  • Goal celebrations should be avoided.
  • Pre match Respect handshakes are out, as are high fives, fist bumps, shirt/bib swapping, spitting, mouth swilling, team huddles and sharing of equipment, water bottles or kit.
  • Spitting into gloves or discarding of chewing gum into the playing environs is also outlawed.
  • Kit should be individually issued to players who should attend training / matches ready and suitably attired. They will also be expected to take the kit home and wash at 40C.
  • It is advised players bring a change of clothing kept securely in their own kit bag. Any soiled items should be placed securely in the bag and taken home with the player for washing. The kit bag will be taken to the pitch side whilst training.
  • Players should also bring their own personal and labelled water bottle(s) and any foods they choose consume including supplements. They should also have their own personal hand sanitiser with them.
  • The use of changing and shower facilities is currently banned. Toilets are open but only one player at a time should use the facilities.
  • After the event, where possible, players should return and change and shower at home.
  • Players and parents/carers should travel to scheduled training / games individually in personal private transport where practicable with the emphasis on walking or cycling.
  • Public transport should not be used
  • When driving their own vehicles, they should clean the interior and high touch areas with anti-bacterial cleaner as frequently as possible, wear disposable gloves when filling up with fuel and refrain from lift sharing.
  • Upon arrival at the designated venue, if players or parents/carers arrive early, they must wait in their cars until the assigned meeting time.
  • Any strappings used to secure or aid limbs have to be self-administered by the player.
  • Essential treatment or massage will only be provided where the correct PPE can be provided for the use of the medical team. In addition, the player may be requested to wear a face covering while undergoing treatment.
  • Essential or emergency treatment will be provided if needed.
  • All equipment that has been exposed to a session, even if not used, must be thoroughly cleaned after use and goals, balls, posts cleaned at half time.
  • Any rubbish accumulated during the activity must be placed into a bin and not left for someone else to deal with.
  • If all the above points are covered, there should be no need for players or staff to be required to wear any extra items of PPE.
  • Look after yourself, look after each other.

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